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"Maia Danziger's Relax and Write helped me get my writing flowing (as it does for everyone!). Within a few weeks, I was writing a novel. Spilling out the words onto the page is liberating, but after that, the hard work begins! And I wouldn't have been able to take my work to the next level without Maia's editorial guidance.

I have now been working on the novel for three years. Each week I send Maia pages, and then we Zoom a private session to discuss the work. It is hard to describe how inspiring these sessions are. Maia's notes range from closely textual ("This word just isn't working for me") to global. As anyone who has worked with Maia in Relax and Write knows, her instincts are uncanny and her insights are deep. Often she has spoken of what a scene could be, wants to be, might be, and sent me back to my computer determined and thrilled to improve it. She has teased out possibilities that I surely would have overlooked. She has demanded my best.

I now have an agent for my novel, and am working (with Maia) on a new round of revisions. With Maia's help, this novel has become one of the most meaningful parts of my life."

Eric Weiner
Co-Creator, Dora the Explorer
Executive Producer, Little Einsteins

"Maia Danziger has transformed my writing life at a stage in my career where I thought that this old dog couldn't possibly learn new tricks. But after successfully writing non-fiction for more than three decades, I discovered through Relax & Write that I could write fiction, something I never dared imagine I could do. And sometimes it's even fun!"

Eric Marcus is the author of several non-fiction books, including Why Suicide? and Making Gay History. He is co-author of Breaking the Surface, the #1 NY Times bestselling autobiography of Olympic diving champion, Greg Louganis

"Like many writers, I've had to shake off the influence of not-so-helpful "helpers" in my life. Thank god I've found a truly helpful helper in Maia Danziger. She has put my writing back on track both as a coach in relax-and-write sessions and as a one-on-one editor. Always she invokes in me a mindspace from which I can work with both confidence and aspiration. Wow. That's the sweet spot: believing I can write while striving to write better. Maia "hears" my work in ways that open the writing outward into all it could and should be. I would encourage any writer at any level to reach for the gift of Maia's help."

Amanda McTigue, novelist and short story writer